The W.A.M Artist & Industry Judging Panel consists of recording artists and reputable industry executives from music organizations including PR Agents, Independent Record Label Owners, Independent A & R Reps, Music Promoters, Music Managers, Radio Programmers, Studio Engineers, and other influencing roles. W.A.M. is a division of BWH Music Group. Employees of BWH Music Group, their families, subsidiaries, and affiliates are not eligible to enter.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

Most of our judges work with Independent Artists. If a working relationship exists between a judge and an entrant, the judge is recused during that round of judging.


The W.A.M Awards are 100% merit-based. We look for artistic excellence. Some factors include creativity, originality, songwriting skill, vocal performance, musicianship, lyrics, arrangements, and more. We don't consider size of the fan base or how many likes you have on social media, number of records sales, press, or any other factors related to the market. Judging is subjective by nature. W.A.M. carefully listens to each entry. After your submission is received your entry goes through an intensive multi-layered judging process. Like most music award competitions, all first-level judging is conducted by W.A.M.’s in-house professionals, all of which have studied music at a conservatory level and have highly trained ears.


The W.A.M. Awards are a division of BWH Music Group.  BWH Music Group works with today's emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and promotion offering mixing and mastering services, music promotions, National Indie Radio, and the W.A.M. Awards. 


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