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Executive Director

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Bryon William Harris "BWH" is President and Founder of BWH Music Group.  BWH Music Group works with today's emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and promotion offering Mixing and Mastering services, Music Promotions, National Indie Radio, and the W.A.M. Awards. For a full bio on Bryon William Harris, please visit BWH Music Group.


BWH Music Group operates 2 nationally acclaimed music review blogs, Indie Spoonful and Please Pass the Indie, 2 interview blogs called 10 Questions and Behind the Song, and a Press Release Blog, The Indie Music Reporter.  BWH also owns and operates World National Indie Radio (WNIR) which spins independent artists in multiple genres. WNIR promotes BWH Music Group artists and other independent artists via 7 radio shows: Country Club, HerSong, Pop Musik, Rap Around, Roots & Wings, Spirit & Soul, and Refugees of Rock. With free apps on iTunes and Android, WNIR is listened to around the world in 19 countries and is licensed by ASCAP and BMI. 

Please visit BWH Studio for more information.

The centerpiece of BWH Music Group is it's post production services. BWH has emerged as the go-to, post-production, studio for emerging independent artists.   Mixing and mastering clients receive radio-ready sound, competitive rates, plus a FREE worldwide, national PR Campaign provided by BWH Music Group's in-house PR Services that includes:  reviews, interviews, press, and radio upon release of their single or album. BWH Music Group is the only Mixing and Mastering Studio that offer's artists unprecedented, free promotional support for their releases via their in-house music promotion branch.

BWH Music Group boasts an outstanding roster of independent artists from around the world, maintaining one of the most selective studio rosters in the independent mixing and mastering arena.  Cumulatively, the artists on the BWH Studio Roster have received hundreds of independent music awards.  They have charted on Billboard and have been on the Grammy ballot. They have had their music on television and film, and they have performed with major recording artists. 

To mix or master your next single or album with BWH, please contact BWH Music Group.


Academy of Western Artists Award
Al Johnson Songwriting Contest
American Songwriter
American Tracks Music Awards
AMG Music Awards
Artist in Music Awards
Artists Music Guild Award
Atlas Elite Entertainment Music Awards
Australian Independent Music Awards
Australian Songwriting Contest

Grammy Ballot
Hollywood Music in Media Awards
Hollywood Songwriter Contest
Independent Country Music Association Award
Independent Music Awards
Indie Music Channel Awards
International Acoustic Music Awards
International Songwriting Competition
International Music and Entertainment Association Awards

Josie Music Awards 
LA Music Awards
New England Songwriting Competition
Ohio Music Awards
OWMR Music Awards
USA International and Unsigned Songwriting Competition 
Singer Universe Awards
The Great American Song Competition
"The Indees"

Toronto Independent Music Awards
The "Wammies"
Women of Essence Global Awards


The Actor’s Award
Akadamia Award
American Music Award
American Songwriter Magazine’s Songwriting Competition

Clouzine International Music Award
Divine Tracks Song Contest
Global Music Award

Global Peace Song Award

Grammy Balllot
IndieFest Film Award
Indie Music Channel Award
Independent Shorts Award
International Music and Entertainment Association Award
John O'Hara Singer-Songwriter Performance Grant
Josie Music Awards
Latitude Film Award
London Independent Film Award
Los Angeles Film Award
Mindfield Film Festival Award
Music City Songstar
NYC Indie Film Award
New York Film Award

Offbeat Awards
Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame
LA Shorts Award
Los Angeles Film Award
Paris Music Video Underground
Pinnacle Film Award,
PRSA Award of Excellence

Rose Garden Performing Songwriter Contest 
Royal Wolf Film Award
The Actor’s Award
Top Shorts Award

Tony Award
The European Independent Film Award
The 17th Annual Independent Music Award



US-Top-40/AC Radio
Airplay Today Top 100 Country
Roots Music Report Top 15

EDM/DJ Charts





All Out Dysfunktion
Breaking Bad
Good Morning Texas

Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends

Man with Van

MTV Live

No Woman’s Face Remember

PBS 'Baila'
PBS TV Texas Music Cafe

The Chosen
The Traveler
So You Think You Can Dance
Sarbucks Ad



Harry Connick Jr.
Mariah Carey
Patti Labelle
Gloria Estefan
Justin Bieber
Smash Mouth

To mix or master your next single or album with BWH, please contact BWH Music Group.





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